When it comes to advertising everyone recognizes the power of video. And, for decades television has been the only way to deliver videos…until now.

The video sample on this page features a touching performance of "America, The Beautiful" by internationally acclaimed pianist and composer Oksana Kolesnikova, appearing on the "Scott The Piano Guy" educational show which will start airing on public television nationwide starting April 2006.

"Scott The Piano Guy" is produced by Mills James Productions, who so graciously provided this clip.

Ms. Kolesnikova, a sensational crossover between artist and entrepreneur, was the first international celebrity to take advantage of the many benefits Global Video Technology offers. The Oksana-TV entertainment Web site is currently being developed by our team and will soon be made available to millions of subscribers worldwide.

Video length is never an issue, and this high quality, 10 minute plus video will show you that.

Research has shown that more people are "tuning in" to the Internet to get the latest in information and entertainment and Global Video Technology is leading the way with a unique, powerful and new solution called Global Video Technology GVMail.

It is the most cost-effective manner of delivering your video in a fast and secure way to your target market. It is not an attachment that can cause virus-related concerns nor is it a link to a video on a web page. It is exactly what you see here.

One of the many benefits of using Global Video Technology GVMail lies in the ability to place your video anywhere you desire in an email message. Other important advantages include:

  • No downloading required.
  • No player required
  • No buffering or waiting for the video to play
  • Videos of any length can be sent and only arrive as small text files
  • The video plays right in the email without the need for a Web browser.
  • No technical knowledge required. In just minutes you can create your own message and insert your video with our easy-to-use Dashboard.
  • Tracking capabilities are built into the product and can be downloaded into your own database program for analysis.. You will be able to know:
    • the date
    • the time
    • which video was watched
    • how long it was watched and
    • the email address of the viewer.
  • Market testing of commercials has never been easier.

The video need not be the last element of your message either. For example you might want to offer viewers the ability to go directly to your Web site - like this . It is always a nice touch to let people communicate with you directly so providing an email link is also a good idea.

We hope that you enjoyed this demonstration and will choose Global Video Technology's GVMail for your Internet advertising needs.

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