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Two very simple to use, but extremely powerful tools can be used within your enterprise to maximize your results.

Both video Email and Video-on-Demand give you the ability to convey a wealth of information in a very brief time, and in a format that is highly acceptable to virtually everyone.

Video Email

Our video email product is most unique because:
  • Our solution allows a video to be played in any email client that allows video.

    Everyone who opens their email message can see and interact with your video email message even if their email client won't show video.

  • We provide free real-time statistics on video email viewing that displays:

    • The date the video was opened
    • The time the video was opened
    • The title of the video opened.
    • The email address of the person opening the video.

The applications for marketing, advertising, sales, customer service and training are only limited by your imagination.

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We never make any claims that we cannot demonstrate for free.

Send yourself a sample video email NOW.

If you like what you see, let us know and we will send you the stats for your own viewing of the video email.


High quality video streaming provides a seamless and very pleasant experience for the viewer.
  • There's no need to choose high or low speed bandwidth to view the video. Our intelligent video server adjusts the stream constantly to provide the optimal viewing environment.
  • No downloading to your hard drive required. The video begins to play immediately.
  • The video and audio remain in sync, regardless of the video length.
  • There is no limit to the video length. One minute or one hour plays equally well.
  • No player must be downloaded.

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Why Streaming Video?

Ideas For The Enterprise
Ideas For Others
Not All Streaming Video Is The Same.

True streaming video and progressive download video are often both referred to as "streaming" video. However, there are noted differences.

Some Progressive Video Cons:

Lower video quality: A lower quality codec is used to encode video, so your video may not have the best quality.

Large files and long download times: This method dramatically increases the size of your SWF file, resulting in long publishing times and poor viewing experiences because users have to wait a considerable time to download the file before playback.

Audio sync issues: The frames-per-second (fps) rate of the video and the encoded movie must match or else the audio and video will be out of sync.

Lack of support for long video clips: Since the video downloads to the viewer's computer, there is a risk of exceeding the available hard drive space since there is no way to know this in advance.

Limited seek and navigation capabilities: Viewers cannot seek forward through the video before it is completely downloaded. Viewers need to wait until the video is downloaded before they can navigate to a particular portion of the video.
Because of this, streaming video will probably be a better choice than progressive download when you are delivering long video files in which you want to let viewers skip around, such as lengthy symposia or training materials.

User-accessible content: Because the file is downloaded, the media physically resides on the viewer's machine. Savvy users will be able to search their browser caches or temporary Internet files and access the content. This is not necessarily a bad thing if the content owner has no concerns about rights management for his or her content. In fact, in that case it may actually be useful. If the user decides to view the same video clip again before the browser cache is cleared, the file plays back from the local cache without the user having to access the web again.

However, if digital rights are a concern, streaming video is a better option.

When to Use Progressive Video:

When the video is short.

Progressive download is a perfect use for hobbyists or websites that have low traffic requirements and only need to deliver short videos. Customers who need advanced features and control over their video delivery, not to mention displaying video to large audiences (for example, several hundred simultaneous viewers), tracking and reporting video viewing statistics, or offering the best video experience should consider streaming video.

GVT Offers True Streaming Video